Buy Diy and Decorating Supplies in Thrapston

Buy Diy and Decorating Supplies in Thrapston - Thrapston Farm and Garden

If your looking for DIY and Decorating supplies in Thrapston you have come to the right place. Whether its a minor tidy-up or repair or a major decorating or refurbishment project, Thrapston Farm and Garden have everything youre looking for (including some great advice if theres anything your not sure about). From standard primers and undercoats, matt, silk, gloss and masonry paints as well as varnishes we also have specialist paints Hammerite for those metal gates and fences heat resistant paints for pipes and radiators and floor paints for your workspace floors. Our range of traditional waxes and oils will restore and care for all your household furniture and for outside furniture and wooden decks we have cleaners and preserving oils.